plankton sampling - Brest 2014
Cetaceans observations - cotentin 2013
Mission in Acores in 2016 dedicated to Cetaceans 
Mission in Pacific ocean in 2015 
Next expeditions
Expeditions performed by Astrolabe Expedition fleet

Expeditions performed by Astrolabe itself
“Objectif Plancton” is a citizen science program coordinated by Océanopolis. In one day,, the boaters are invited to sample plankton simultaneously in different spots of Brest bay. The samples are then gathered and analysed by the Station Biologique de Roscoff, the IUEM (Institut Universitaire Européen de la Mer) and Ifremer. The association joined the operation with 2 boat of its fleet.
Mission organised in May 2013 in the Channel for the observation of cetaceans.
This pre-expedition also aimed to test the equipment and to define arrangement needs for the boat Astrolabe.
Julo, sailing boat gathering Astrolabe Expeditions fleet with her captain, will sail from Singapour to Alaska. During the sailing, many scientific measurements and activities will be performed.
The sailing boat will make a stop frequently in harbours close to airport... great occasion to join the crew !
Previous expeditions
We will sail to observe dolphins and whales around Acore Islands during 2015 summer. Other measurements such as plankton measurements and light pollution study will be performed. More information about this expedition will be soon available.
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