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Scientific measurements
Plankton sampling
Sampling plankton with a drift net, filtrating, drying and storing it. Frequency of sampling will be every three days. All the sampling will be sent to a laboratory for a DNA analysis. Measurements will be done in less known areas. Analysis will allow to better know biodiversity of such places and following its evolution.
Cetaceans Observation
Observing cetaceans all along the sailing will require the crew to be alert. As soon as one or several members of a cetacean species will be observed, precise protocol will have to be followed to recognize species and identifying invididuals
Physical parameters of the ocean
Measuring Physical chemistry parameters of the ocean by releasing argo beacons in sea : collected data will be sent by satellites to the dedicated laboratories. This worldwide system allows to bring a reliable database and to follow the parameters. Those data will be collected as well directly on the boat through dedicated devices.
Light pollution
Measuring light pollution which is due to artificial light. It prevents us from observing stars but as well it modifies the environment potentially affecting species migration and potentially endangering species unable to adapt themselves. Proving it and mapping it will help to make sensibilization on it.
Mission Pacifique : Singapour -> Alaska
Julo, a sailboat of the Astrolabe fleet, will perform a great expedition in the north of Pacific ocean. It will be the opportunity for all members to board and help with sea sampling while achieving extraordinary adventure.
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Julo invites adventurers to board and help in the sailing trip and the scientific missions.
Boarding for 2 to 3 persons for periods of 2 weeks to  1 month.
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Results of the expedition
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