Axis of developpement of the associative project
1.  Realizing scientific expeditions at sea
From aboard our sail boat Astrolabe, our association develops and carries out oceanographic and astronomical expeditions at sea.
2. The search for accessible expeditions to all
Planning and executing expeditions that are accessible to everyone, with only amateur equipment, is a key component of our project. Thus, by formalising guidelines upon cruises, tools and simplified measurement protocoles, we are able to make our expeditions accessible to all.
3. Training marine adventurers
In order to execute these expeditions, we help members train for all useful tasks and skills that will be required during the missions such as navigation, diving, marine photography, technical issues, etc…
4. Raising public awareness
By developing awareness and educational actions focused on expeditions at sea, we try to encourage people to behave in an eco-friendly and responsible manner.
5. Encouraging a network of expedition sailing boats
To encourage the development of an expedition sailing network, we will formalize all the resources needed for the missions and will offer them to all, which will help people that are interested, to reproduce specific missions. This would create a large network of amateur sail boats capable of providing supplementary data for the scientific programs that are participating.
Scientific expeditions will either be carried out by sea or on land. These expeditions will be launched from sail boats, our principal platform. Many scientific themes can be adressed during the expedition, but we will most specifically focus on Astronomy and Oceanography.
Missions are developed through associated science programs, thus we invite everyone to get involved in understanding and preserving our planet. The more people that participate, the larger the impact our missions will have. With everyone’s help, our association also wishes to create a worldwide network that would implement expeditions in many parts of the world.
Based on a self-propelled and environmentally friendly mode of transportion, our expeditions are, above all, real human adventures and scientifically responsible experiences.
The association Astrolabe Expeditions
The projet

Astrolabe is a sailing boat for scientific expeditions which realizes monitoring and sampling missions over oceans and seashore in the fields of oceanography and astronomy.
Built with limited resources, the missions, the tools and the sampling protocols that we propose can be easily reproducible and used by anyone.
Astrolabe supports existing citizens science programs and aims to implement new programs through collaborations between a sailboats network and people ground relay.
Organizing scientific expeditions and making them accessible to the public.
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